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Advisory Board/Commission Questionnaire/Application

  1. City of Liberty Hill


    Home Rule Charter Committee

    The city currently has a population of more than 5,000 inhabitants. At the determination of City Council by Resolution #2023-R-012 passed 3/22/2023, a Home Rule Charter Committee was established. This 15 person Committee will be a temporary (specific purpose) committee. The Charter Committee will research and advise City Council regarding matters related to the drafting and submitting of a proposed Home Rule Charter to the voters of the City.   This Commission will meet probably 1 time per month from February 2024 to October 2024.  Applicants must be residents within the city limits.  With questions, please contact the City Secretary.  

    Downtown Revitalization Committee

    Meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM. The Committee is charged to focus on development and enhancements of the Downtown area. The Downtown Revitalization Board shall have the following expressed powers and functions: To determine the goals of the City’s downtown revitalization and develop long range plans and programs for improvement and revitalization within the City, To prepare, with recommendations to the City Council, different projects for revitalization, within the downtown area, which will be implemented by the city and budgeted as part of its regular budgeting procedure. To work closely with other city boards towards continued city improvement and revitalization. To actively encourage and secure support from the citizens of Liberty Hill for improving and revitalizing the downtown area. The Board shall consists of five members. Members shall live and/or own a business in the city limits of the City within the designated ‘Downtown Area’. The City Secretary Office provides support with recording and administrative tasks, as needed.

    Liberty Hill Economic Development Corporation

    Meets on the third Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. each month. The Board assists in financing, grants, and tax abatements to attract and to retain employers. The Board consists of seven directors. The Board “direct economic development” shall mean the expenditure of such tax funds for programs that directly accomplish or aid in the accomplishments of creating identifiable new jobs or retaining identifiable existing jobs including job training and / or planning research activities necessary to promote said job creation. The Corporation’s focus will be primarily in the areas of: Business retention and expansion, Formation of new businesses and Business attraction. The Economic Development Executive Director Mary Poche is the staff liaison. The City Secretary Office provides support with recording and administrative tasks, as needed.

    Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

    Meets on the third Thursday at 10:00 AM each month if there are items pending the Board’s review. The Boards duties are to recommend to the city council policies and programs for the advancement and betterment of city parks and recreation; to render to the city manager recommendations concerning the annual budget of the parks and recreation department for presentation to the city council; to make recommendations to the city council regarding proposed parks facilities and recreation programs, encourage public interest in parks facilities and recreation programs and solicit the cooperation of public and private agencies in the advancement of city parks and recreation; to make recommendations through the city manager to the city council regarding special requests for use of public parks or facilities; and to make recommendations through the city manager to the city council regarding the use of donations, legacies or requests made to the city for the furtherance of city park facilities. . The Parks Supervisor and the Director of Communications and Community Engagement are the staff liaisons. The City Secretary Office provides support with recording and administrative tasks, as needed.

    Planning and Zoning Commission

    Meets on the first and third Tuesday each month. The Commission’s duties are to review applications for zoning changes, hear public comments, and make recommendations to the council regarding such applications; review applications for specific use permits, hear public comments, and grant, grant with modification, or deny such applications; review proposed preliminary subdivision plats, engineering plans, requested plat and plan variances, and proposed restrictive covenants and make recommendations to the council pertaining to each; review proposed plats and plans for mobile home parks and for such other developments as may be required by ordinance and make recommendations to the council pertaining to such; recommend to the council for amendments, extensions, and additions to the comprehensive master plan of the city, including the land use plan and the thoroughfare plan; recommend to the council for changes to the official zoning map of the city; when appropriate, make a determination of appropriate zoning or use; and perform such other duties as may be duly delegated to them from time to time by the council. The commission members shall be comprised of at least three members that reside within the corporate limits of the city. The remaining two (2) members may reside within the corporate boundaries of the Liberty Hill Independent School District.  The Director of Planning and Development Jerry Millard is the staff liaison. The Planning Technician, Shelby Claridge, provides support with recording and administrative tasks, as needed.

    Public Works Commission

    Currently meets the third Monday of the Month at 5:30 PM. It is a three (3) person commission charged with providing recommendations to City Council on current and potential projects executed or managed by the Public Works Department. These projects include but are not limited to, water and wastewater management (utility construction, operations, finance, and accounting), implementation of the City’s water and wastewater Master Plan, review of the City’s drainage and flood control and mitigation program, including maintenance of supporting infrastructure (detention, retention), matters of City infrastructure and maintenance of streets, curbs, sidewalks, sanitary sewers, and water lines under City jurisdiction, trail construction and maintenance and traffic mitigation. The members of the commission will review outsourced engineering, street and utility maintenance services, work with TXDOT, Williamson County, and CAMPO on transportation planning and funding. There are three members of the commission representing experience in the following trades: Engineering, Architecture, Building construction, Transportation and Planning. The Public Works Director serves as liaison with the Commission and the City Secretary’s Office provides support with recording and administrative tasks, as needed.

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    For your reference, the following additional qualifications apply to appointed Board/Commission members:

    • Any member of a board or commission who is absent from three consecutive regular meetings, or any four non-consecutive regular meetings (or 50%) of the board or commission during any twelve-month period, shall forfeit the position and the vacancy occurring shall be declared and filled by the Council.
    • Cannot be a party to litigation or have any outstanding claim(s) against the City of Liberty Hill. Cannot be in arrears of City taxes, City utilities or other City assessment, meaning 90 days or more delinquent (90 days past 'overdue' notification sent).
    • Members must maintain any residency qualifications while serving on a board or commission. (for instance, remain in city limits or LHISD area, etc.)
    • No member of any appointed body shall serve on more than one permanent board or commission.
    • No member may be appointed to any Boards, Committees or Commissions if related to a member of City Council or senior city staff to a degree prohibited in the City’s Ethics Ordinance.(Ord. 18-O-108)
    • Members appointed serve without compensation.
    • All members of city Board, Committees, or Commissions must complete training on the Texas Open Meetings Act laws, as well as training from City Secretary Office staff related to Ethics (Ordinance #18-O-108), conflicts of interest, parliamentary procedure, and Council’s established rule of decorum.
    • Members of Boards and Commissions agree to utilize email accounts assigned to them on the city’s domain for Committee business and provide information as may be requested under Public Information Act.
  8. Questions

    Please submit any questions to the City Secretary's Office.

    Phone 512-778-5449 x125

    Cell: 512-962-9549

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    By submitting this application, I hereby certify that the foregoing and any attached statements are true, accurate and complete. I also understand that this application is subject to disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act. 

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