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Mobile Food Vendor Application

  1. City of Liberty Hill

    2020 Mobile Food Vendor Application

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  3. Minimum Submittal Requirements

  4. Prior to Application Approval

    A Mobile Food Vendor permit must be issued to the Applicant from the Williamson County & Cities Health District (WCCHD) prior to approval of this application.

  5. Business Owner Information

  6. Vendor Contact Information (Primary Contact for the mobile good vendor unit while in route)

  7. Food Service Establishment Information

  8. Unit Information

  9. List of Employees

    Include employee name and their Food Handler Permit number.

  10. Has the applicant or any employees listed been found guilty of one or more criminal offenses involving crimes against property and / or a felony by any Court in this State or any other State?

  11. Notarization

    This completed form must be notarized.

  12. State of Texas, County of Williamson

    Before me, the undersigned Notary Public, on this day personally appeared ______________________________, who, after being duly sworn, stated under oath that he / she has read the above statements and that every statement contained herein is within his / her personal knowledge and is true and correct.

  13. Signature of Applicant


  14. Title


  15. Subscribed and sworn to before me

    on this______ day______ of , 2020.

  16. Signature of Notary Public in and for the State of Texas


  17. Mobile Food Vendor Minimum Requirements

    Mobile food vendor minimum requirements city ordinances must be met including but not limited to the following:

  18. City Ordinances

  19. Application Approval Process

    When this application has been deemed complete by Staff of the Planning Department, the applicant will be contacted. Application approval is based upon compliance with the Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance and with WCCHD requirements. Please upload proof of liability insurance and WCCHD Permit or email directly to

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