How can I set up my utility account for automatic pay?

The City of Liberty Hill now offers to utilities customers the option to sign up for automatic payment for their utility bill. There are 2 options. You can either:

  • Sign into our payments website, and set up autopay, which will debit your amount owed from a debit or credit card on the day of your choosing 

  • OR you can submit a digital Bank Draft Form along with a copy of a voided check for checking account, withdrawal slip for savings, or a direct deposit information form printed from your bank's website. 

If you choose the bank draft option, it is drafted directly from your bank account on the due date of your bill. 

By choosing this option, you will not have to update your information if your debit card expires or your credit/debit card gets compromised and there are no additional fees for the customer.

The completed form can be submitted through our website directly OR if you would like to do it in person, please visit City Hall at 926 Loop 332. If you prefer, the PDF is below, if you would like to email it back to [email protected] along with a voided check. 

Please call our Utility Billing Department, if you have any questions at 512-778-5449. 

Bank Draft Form PDF

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