How can I resolve a warrant for my arrest?

If a warrant has been issued for your arrest, you may pay the amount of the warrant in full in cash, money order, cashiers check or by going on line to the online payment portal. If you would like to plead "Not Guilty" to the offense you must appear at the Municipal Court and present identification and you will be set on the next available appearance docket and your warrant will be placed on hold to allow you the opportunity to see the Judge.

If you are financially unable to pay a fine and/or court cost in full (one payment), there are other options, such as time-payment plans and performing community service hours instead of paying the fine and court costs. In certain situations in which a person cannot perform community service and that person is financially unable (Indigent) to pay their fine and court cost on a time payment plan the Court will hear sworn testimony and look at evidence concerning your financial situation to help you resolve this matter.  In certain severe situations the judge can reduce the fine and court costs or eliminate them completely, depending on the severity of your financial situation.  Community service options have been expanded by the Texas Legislature to include: (a) attending work and job skills training; (b) a preparatory class for high school equivalency exam; and (c) service at an educational institution.  Should you have any questions regarding these options, please contact the Court.

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