Development Priorities


On January 25, 2023, the City Council of the City of Liberty Hill adopted the City's Development Guidelines with Resolution No. 2023-R-001. These guidelines outline the City's goals regarding development and infrastructure and provide direction for future initiatives and plans.

On November 29, 2023, the City Council also adopted the City's Development Matrix with Resolution No. 2023-R-034. This matrix is intended to aid staff during the review process when development proposals are submitted to the City and to provide the community with information regarding what the City is looking for in future development in conjunction with the Comprehensive Plan.

Based on the Development Matrix, the City of Liberty Hill is currently prioritizing EDC-sponsored economic development (commercial/industrial) projects in Downtown Liberty Hill, within the City Limits, and adjacent to the City Limits within the Controlled Growth Sector, as defined within the Growth Sector Map component of the Comprehensive Plan.

To act on these initiatives, the Planning and Development Department is committed to working with the Liberty Hill EDC to provide expedited plan reviews and other benefits to achieve the goals of the LHTX 2040 Comprehensive PlanLiberty Hill EDC Three-Year Action Plan, and the soon-to-be Downtown Master Plan.

For more information regarding the Liberty Hill Economic Development Corporation, please visit

For any inquiries about prospective economic development opportunities, please contact Mary Poché or McKenzi Hicks to schedule a call or meeting. We look forward to working with everyone to keep the City of Liberty Hill open for business.