Land Use and Zoning


The applicant may choose to voluntarily annex the project property provided the parcels are wholly in the City's ETJ or with a dedication of property to the City. Annexation is not required for development. If the applicant would like to enter into a Development Agreement with the city, reach out to the Planning staff for the information regarding how to go about requesting it and any applicable required documentation.  The annexation process can be seen in the Voluntary Annexation Flow Chart.

Request for Voluntary Annexation application required for submission.

Parcels not currently located in the ETJ must first request inclusion to the ETJ.


All properties within the City Limits need to be Zoned for the intended use. Zoning classifications for a specific use can be found in Table 4-2 of the UDC. If the zoning is disapproved by the City Council, the request is terminated. The applicant may resubmit the request no sooner than 12 months from disapproval date. If approved, the zoning map will be updated to indicate the approved zoning classification. The zoning process can be seen in the Zoning Process Flowchart.

Zoning Map (PDF)

Zoning Change Application and Master Application are required for submission.

Residential Land Use Report

City Council has adopted the Guiding Development Principles, Resolution 2023-R-1, that supports maintaining a ratio of 70% single-family residential developments and 30%multi-family residential development within the City.  This report captures where the City is at and is used for decisions regarding new residential projects. Residential Land Use Report 

Comprehensive Plan and Update - LHTX 2040

We are updating our Comprehensive Plan.  Visit to keep up to date on our progress.

Future Land Use Map

The Future Land Use Map is an integral part of the Comprehensive Plan.  The future land use map is our city's visual guide to future planning and  is used for rezoning considerations.