Maps and Guides

City of Liberty Hill Interactive GIS Map

The City of Liberty Hill Interactive GIS Map can be accessed here: City of Liberty Hill Interactive GIS Map.

City Limits & Zoning Map

The City Limits and ETJ Map identifies parcels located with the City of Liberty Hill's jurisdictional boundaries.  The  Zoning Map is updated as a property’s zoning changes. Please contact the Planning Department for zoning verification. This map has been produced by the City of Liberty Hill for informational purposes only. No warranty is made by the City regarding completeness or accuracy.  Please refer to the official ordinance for zoning verification.

Water and Wastewater Utility Maps

Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a map of the water and wastewater lines running nearest to your property.

Drainage Master Plan

Liberty Hill Drainage Master Plan (PDF) - Phase 2 Report.

Downtown District Boundary Map

City Council, on a recommendation from the Downtown Revitalization Committee, created and adopted the Downtown District Boundary Map.  This map will be utilized as an overlay district boundary once the Downtown Master Plan is complete and the City starts to prioritize projects and set regulations for our Downtown.  


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