Applications & Checklists

Submitting Applications

All applications have been updated.  Old version of the applications will not be accepted. All applications, resubmittals, and inquiries need to be submitted to the Planning & Development Department to [email protected] only. Applications and resubmittals that are not submitted to this email address will not be accepted.

All applications must be submitted with:

  • Completed Master Application Form
  • Completed application checklist
  • Completed materials listed in the appropriate checklist

The City's Planning and Development Department is available to assist you in calculating fees and in offering advice on any requirements. Please call 512-548-5519 for information on submitting your application.

All fees are due at submittal of application forms and checklists. To determine fees due, please use the fee schedule or contact staff for assistance.  All applications need to be submitted in hard copy and electronic formats to the Planning and Development Department.