Community Support Funding

The City of Liberty Hill values partnerships with organizations that are committed to addressing our community's greatest public challenges. The City has allocated $45,000 in the 2022/2023 budget to be distributed to nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations that strengthen the City's key priorities in the following areas:

  • Children
  • Elderly 
  • Housing
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Public Safety
  • Safety Net
  • Tourism
  • Transportation

Application Dates

Applications will be accepted from January 15, 2023 to February 15, 2023.

Grant Amounts

Grants between $500 and $20,000 can be rewarded to each organization. The total amount of grants awarded amongst all organizations will not exceed $45,000.

Application Process

  1. Read the Grant Funding Policies to confirm eligibility.
  2. Fill out the Grant Funding Application.
  3. Email application.
  4. Present to City Council the first week of March. Presentations should be no longer than 5 minutes. Applications that meet criteria will be assigned a presentation time.

Grant Disbursement

Grants will be distributed via check by April 15, 2023.