Mission & Values

Our Mission

The City of Liberty Hill is a regional leader in providing exceptional municipal services in a professional and proactive manner that enhances our citizens and business’s quality of life, while fostering managed growth and development for the community. 

Our Vision

The City of Liberty Hill is a passionate community that prides itself in its rich character, location, independence, schools, and for providing a friendly and a neighborly focused safe environment for families and businesses to thrive and prosper. 

Our Core Values


We take responsibility and ownership of our actions and inactions by establishing clear expectations, setting performance goals, and creating service delivery measures. We will ensure progress is being made and objectives are being accomplished by receiving and accepting honest and constructive feedback.


We embrace a clear definition and adherence to legislative, administrative, financial, and legal processes which creates an open forum for public interaction and active engagement into our democratic municipal structure.


We are trustworthy by acting with integrity and high ethical and moral standards, by following through in doing what we say we’ll do in managing our resources, time, and finances in an open manner for the community.


We are an organization committed to excellence where its citizens are viewed as a priority, and we will operate in a responsive and timely manner, deliver reliable services and we will seek interaction with the community for regular feedback while respecting their opinions. 


We will maintain the budget and investments of the community in a manner which allows for providing funds for the quality of services that we provide, increasing property values, and investing back into the community. 


We will be creative problem solvers and utilize advancing technology to streamline processes, improve efficiencies, and deliver outstanding customer service within the organization and to the community we serve


We possess a commitment to justice, inclusivity, and a fairness for all current and new citizens, by taking responsibility for our actions and operating in a highly moral and ethical culture that is equitable for all. 


We are committed to providing a greater expectation of a living experience and a level of municipal services from your government.


We provide an attractive and inviting environment and community for good and responsible neighbors and businesses.


We will protect our community, environment and resources with vigilance and fairness.


We are a leader in protecting our natural resources, following our rules, and managing public finances and investments in a prudent manner. 


We are transparent in all our elected, administrative, and operational issues, processes, and communications, by building trust with our community and one another.