Current Projects


2021 Commercial Development Projects

The following commercial projects have submitted Development Applications.

•             Austin Joinery

•             Estates of Liberty Hill Rev

•             Golf Cart King

•             LHTX RV Park/StoreNSave

•             Liberty Hill Veterinary Clinic

•             LMS Lonestar

•             McDonald’s

•             Mojo Coffee

•             Omega Ranch Amenity Center

•             Ortho 360 Medical

•             Patriot Storage

•             Paw’s Landing

•             Popeye's

•             River Junction

•             Songbird Office Condo & C-store

•             Taco Bell

•             Tex-Con Oil

•             Wendy's

•             Whitewing Self Storage

Williamson County Community Development Block Grant

Williamson County was awarded funding allocation of $1,596,014 to successfully support community development and affordable housing throughout the county.

A public hearing will be held by the Williamson County CDBG office on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. at the Williamson County Courthouse, located at 710 Main Street, Georgetown, TX 78626. The community is invited to make public comments about the CAPER (Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report).