Manufacturing & Distribution

Building a Better Tomorrow, Today

Advanced manufacturing and distribution/logistics are two interlaced industries that are at the cutting edge of innovation and advancement in technology. Whether companies are working on medical device manufacturing, sustainability design, or supply chain logistics, the future of many different industries will be impacted by the work done here.

Freedom to Grow

Companies that are looking to make an impression on the manufacturing and distribution industry need the options to spread out and grow accordingly. Liberty Hill offers the available space ideally suited for large manufacturing plants and warehouses. Also, affordable office space is currently accessible with more currently being built; adding over 47,000 square feet of office/warehouse space to Liberty Hill.

  • Aviation, Rail & Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
  • Construction Materials
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Advanced Robotics

Liberty Hill has access to a diverse and qualified manufacturing and distribution workforce, drawing from the larger Williamson County area. Firms in this field conduct R&D, employ STEM workers, and engage in all phases of the intermodal supply chain and modern production system.

Proximity to Tier 1 universities, colleges, and trade schools, provide a massive workforce for companies to pull from. In 2017, the University of Texas at Austin awarded 1,170 bachelor’s degrees in engineering and Texas A&M awarded 1,773. The University of Texas McComb’s School of Business is the highest-ranking business school in Texas and the southwest.

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What Liberty Hill can offer?

Strategic Talent Pipeline 

Access to a large Manufacturing & Distribution workforce with more than 60,000 individuals already employed in these fields within Williamson County.

Strategic Location 

Average commute time: 34 minutes; Highway access: immediate; Interstate access: 10 miles; and 15 airports within 50 miles. Plus, commuter rail and freight rail.

Open Spaces and Room to Grow 

Prime real estate for larger facilities, efficient transportation networks and infrastructure support. Desirable land to develop and build on, particularly to serve the nearby Austin metro area.

Revitalization of American Manufacturing 

Be a part of the movement for advancement in this industry in a business-friendly state with the support of a neighborly community.