Defense & Intelligence

Liberty Hill is a premier spot for companies looking to open up operations outside of crowded urban zones. Liberty Hill has access to an assortment of competent, skilled technology and trade workers, with the added bonus of being only a few miles from the high-tech hub of Austin area. The Austin area was chosen for the new U.S. Army Futures Command (AFC) location. This decision will have huge impact on the military technology landscape in the Central Texas region. The AFC has the strategic focus and mission of military modernization for the next forty years. It will accomplish this by leveraging commercial innovation, science, technology, and prototyping. The Center will manage $11 billion in science and technology funding in 2019 alone, which will generate massive infusions to local tech companies.

Freedom to Grow

The Army Futures Command is bringing an initial 500 employees and providing an opportunity for large and small defense companies to be part of the AFC mission. Close proximity to existing and new military centers makes Liberty Hill an obvious choice for businesses in the defense and intelligence industry.

AFC Research Themes

  • Machine-Augmented Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Human-Computing Interaction
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Energy

Liberty Hill has quick access to a diverse and qualified workforce, drawing from the larger Williamson County area. Nearby colleges and universities provide top-quality education to the area. This willing and educated workforce seeks to make an impact on companies dedicated to creating a better future. 

The Army Futures Command will act as both an incubator and a venture capitalist — providing support to companies and injecting funding to help solve military problems. The location of the headquarters was chosen specifically to align and partner with academia, industry, and innovators in the private sector. Liberty Hill is ideally situated to serve the new military center while being able to provide a high quality of life for employees and the vast tracts of land suitable for secure facilities, R&D, and testing.

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Strategic Location

Easy access to area military bases and operations. Quick access to highway for shorter travel times. Secure tracts for facilities, R&D, and testing.

Quality of Life 

Welcoming, affordable community away from the stress of an urban center. Family-friendly community to settle in. Technology Partnerships | Nested in one of the most innovative regions in the country. There is a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem with nearly 40 incubators and accelerators in the region.

Opportunities for Expansion

Liberty Hill is suited for companies looking to develop sizable land parcels. Affordable office and warehouse space is available closer to retail centers, as well.