City Council Meeting Guidelines    

Public Comments to City Council In the event you plan to attend a Public Meeting you may wish to familiarize yourself with the following Guidelines. Reminder: Silence all cell phones.

The Mayor is responsible for conducting City Council meetings and serves as Presiding Officer. When the Mayor is not present, the Mayor Pro Tem serves as Presiding Officer. Public Participation - City Council Meetings

In accordance with Texas Open Meetings Act meetings of City Council are open to the public unless Council is in Executive Session or State law otherwise allows a closed meeting. At Council's discretion, a person may address Council concerning an item on the agenda or present a subject for Council's consideration during Public Comment period. Persons wishing to make public comments need to observe the following guidelines:

  • Prior to the meeting, those wishing to address City Council must complete a Public Comments Form and present it to the City Secretary.
  • Speakers must indicate whether they wish to comment on a specific agenda item or separate matter. When recognized by the Mayor, speakers need to approach the podium then state his/her name and address.
  • Only one person may address Council at one time. Speakers must address their remarks to City Council as a whole, not to individual members or the audience. Additionally, comments are limited to three (3) minutes per individual.  No substitutes or pooling of speakers.
  • Topics must be limited to matters within the City's jurisdiction. City Council can limit the number of speakers on a specific topic or topics.
  • All persons completing / submitting a Public Comment Form, whether or not allowed to speak, may submit written comments or exhibits to the City Secretary for inclusion in the Record File Copy of the agenda.
  • In compliance with Texas Open Meetings Act, the Council does not deliberate or vote on a matter not appearing on the agenda, except for purposes of presenting statements of fact or policy or determining whether the matter should appear on a future agenda.
  • Speakers may not insult or slander anyone; doing so may be cause for termination of speaking privileges.

Location of Recording Equipment

At Council meetings, an area in the Council Room may be designated for operation of tape recorders, video cameras, and other means of aural or visual reproduction. Operation of such equipment is limited to the designated recording area.

No person shall operate a tape recorder, video camera, or other means of aural or visual reproduction within the Council Room within thirty (30) minutes before or after a City Council meeting without prior permission or consent BEFORE equipment was turned on and operational.