We aspire to plan for the growth and development of the Liberty Hill community while maintaining, preserving and promoting the area’s unique identity, historic character and the existing high quality of life. We will encourage growth that is compatible with the values of our community, and we will work to develop a community where all walks of life can live, learn, play and work. 

City Administrator Lacie Hale
Finance/Human Resource Director Becky Wilkins
City Secretary Nancy Sawyer 

Public Works Director 
Wayne Bonnet
Senior Director of Planning David Stallworth
Interim Executive Director of EDC 
Matt Powell
Chief of Police Royce Graeter
Presiding Judge Kevin R. Madison
Court Administrator Tracy Ventura 

Assistant Finance Director Zach Gil
IT Director Randy Hodges
Permit Coordinator Katheryn Mitchell
Utility Billing Coordinator Kacie Glosson
Project Manager Jay Holmes
Building Official Elias Carrasco
Administrative Assistant Stephanie Price
Administrative Assistant Katie Wilhelmi
Emergency Management Casey Cobb
Code Compliance Michael Hinds